Google social commerce

Awesome, video check it out. More proof that businesses need to get mobile and social.


There will be blood

It’s time. Really it is for me, to walk the talk, to live my beliefs…well at least in a digital sense. I’ve been tweeting over on Twitter now for some time, but this is my foray into blogging. So what ill it be about? The convergence of every digital and business –  mobile, social commerce, design, digital strategy, designing meaningful experiences, and gaining authentic consumer insights. In short all that I’m passionate about.

Im going to start with a rip from digital marketing jedi Mitch Joel of Twist Media and his blog Six Pixels of Separation entitled: There will be Blood. Now in his blog he quotes Avinash Kaushik who is Google’s lead Analytics evangelist, this quote is a thing of beauty –

“The Web has been around forever and yet it is not in the blood of the executives who staff the top echelons of companies. Make no mistake, they are smart, they are successful and they want to do better. But the web is such a paradigm shift that if it is not in your blood it is very difficult to imagine its power and how to use it for good. How do you demand innovation & creativity & radical rethink if you can’t imagine it?”

Boom. Awesome. It’s very cool and seems to be true at least in my experience.

Check out the entire post for yourself here –