Technology and Jobs to be done.

Technology should be invisable to the user, it should flow with and enhance our lives. In line with Clay Christensen’s Jobs-to-be-done theory, technology (in it’s varied forms) should not be a product or service that is sold to customers, but rather a solution that should help to address users their jobs-to-be-done. Rather than looking just at what people buy, makers and repurposes of technology should examine users/customers lives and find ways to help and support their needs i.e jobs-to-be-done. The below video is an example in Helsinki ,Finland. The solution is Urbanflow, it is an information system that both tourists and local people might actually want to use. Why? becuase it meets their needs, specifically the job to be done.

Word up to Horace Dediu over at for introducing me to this theory, also Dan Benjamin at for his awesome podcast network which includes The Critical Path, hosted by the aforementioned.


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