Social Media & Transparency

This is big. Something that I have written about in recent posts. Social media will require organisations and businesses to “walk their talk”, accountability and responsibility for business decisions and processes via social media networks. A recent Forbes article reports the following –

 “Welcome to what political analyst and writer Micah Sifry has dubbed “the uncomfortable Age of Transparency.” Sify argues that we are in a generational and philosophical struggle between older, closed systems and the new, open culture of the Internet. Despite the arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, the publication of secret documents continues around the world, and citizens are demanding more accountability from government leaders and corporate executives.”

If you talk smack about being able to deliver x, y, and z and don’t, unsatisfied customers will spread that across their social networks like twitter.

Here’s an example – I tried to get support for a product that I brought, the organisation claimed that they provided “killer support”. I tried to access support through traditional channels but got little support or response. I decided to use Social Media to illicit a response. See the screen shots below.

After all that I was asked to “consider reverting or updating” my tweet as “Each bad social word hangs over” them forever. If you talk about providing “Killer Support” and do not it will catch up with you. Social media transparency. Another pointed quote from the same article –

“Someday you’ll be busted. Anything you do will be known. Social media’s gonna get you, and if you’re lying we’re gonna know,”

Kevin Roberts the CEO of Saatchi (in this video) talks about the need to develop an intimate understanding of  your user / customers. From my point of view (again something that I have posted about recently) it all about customer / end user experience. If really understand what your end user / customer is about or what they need and want you will be better able to craft engaging positive experiences that they will rave about . No BS.


Link to the full Forbes story –


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