Growing up digital

Seems like I’m always going on about this however, technology changes and influences the way we live. Growing up in the 80’s in small town New Zealand I really could not imagine the technologies that are every day common place in 2011.

In my mind technology is an enabler, its a pathway to deliver what ever you need. Smart people will develop ideas, solutions, and innovations that will disrupt the current way of doing stuff these in turn will create new opportunities. Devices like the iPhone and iPad  are great example of this, amongst other uses they are the new battle ground for business. Mobile devices are always with us, always on, always connected, the user is ready to interact and engage with you the via the mobile web, social media, SMS, QR Codes and the list goes on.

The mobile device is an effective way to communicate with and influence the consumer. How? Become OBSESSED with the end user experience, get an intimate understanding of their needs, tasks, and requirements.

Check out the below video, it’s kind of related.



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