Content will find me

In this age of the hyper transaction and sharing of information enabled by the internet and mobile devices they say that content will find you. I struggled with what that may mean initially. We have access to so much information that it seems that we may get lost in it some how, and the types and sources of information only seem to grow. Social media really helps to deliver qualified content to the consumer (by qualified I mean content that you are interested in, generated by other like minded individuals, groups, or organisations).

How? I will use myself as an example, I am on a quest to find out as much as I can about the intersection of mobile, social media / commerce, and digital marketing. So I follow the tweets of other like minded individuals and experts like Mitch Joel, Luke Wroblewski, or Mashable (and plenty of others). Every day useful and relevant content makes its way to me via their tweets, content finds me.

How will this be facilitated in the near future…I’m not sure, will search engines get better? will it be social media? or some kind of mash-up of the two?


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