It’s about the experience son.

Mobile is blowing up around us. Ok we know that. There are so many choices and the technology changes so fast ,what are we to do?

Case in point: Create an app? Ok for who and what platform? iOS, Android? RIM? Syimbian? or Window Mobile. Who in the world apart form Coke, Disney or X have the resources to develop a solution that has that much coverage. It’s a dumb move. I do agree that iOS would be the sexy option, Apple does it well, super smart chaps. Their whole process is smart from the devices to the regulated app store it’s self. If I were t consider developing an app it would more than likely be for and Apple device because of those factors.  But you have to think, what is the value of platform specific app?  I found a quote form a guy named Josh Williams that helps articulate my position –

“While the future is most certainly mobile, the App culture is wrinkle in the fabric of the Mobile Web.”

Apps do have a place, at least in the short term. However the research suggests that once an app has download onto a device it is used well…bugger all. Around 10% of the time. The question has to be asked, why?

Here’s my thoughts. Most apps are not that useful, I know this from experience. To improve the situation the focus needs to shift form technology to designing a meaningful user centric experiences. Word.


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